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How To Create a Wikipedia Biography Page

Biographies present the point of view of what happened in the past years of a person. It also includes the living style and their significant contribution to a specific area. Avid readers like to read about other people and their contributions to becoming one.

To acknowledge, the world’s most renowned names or to remember lost heroes Wikipedia has created Biographies sections. Wikipedia is known as one of the most highly recognized online encyclopedias. It was created a long time ago in 2003, as a joint venture of two people. Wikipedia is ranked among the top 10 websites on search engines.

When a someone visits Wikipedia, they see millions of articles that provide great knowledge. Another distinct feature is the availability of multilingual articles, so anyone from anywhere can read them. Lastly, it is a free and open-source platform that does not restrict anyone from gaining knowledge.

Biographies on Wikipedia seek neutrality and must be edited vigilantly and not taken sides. All the pages need to be edited and written while following all the rules mentioned by the platform. So, do you want to know How To Write A Wikipedia Biography?

There are many things that need to be taken care of. Let’s have a look into making of how to Create A Wikipedia Biography.

Biography VS Autobiography

Most times people confuse over autobiography and a biography. It is important to understand there is a difference between them. They both resend the same point of view, but the major aspect that differentiates is who wrote it.

What Is Biography?

A biography also known as a bio is complete compiled data of a person’s life. Typically, a biography is written by another to pay them homage. It includes every major to minor details starting, from date of birth to family background and every phase of their life. So, after learning and researching about the person, writes with relaxant data, stories, and different events with facts and figures.

What Is Autobiography?

On the other side, an autobiography is written themselves. Here, the word ‘auto’ denotes self. So, it is entirely composed by the one itself. Moreover, the autobiography includes the same trace of stories and background as a biography. It can be written by another top writer to promote others.

The Problem with Writing Autobiography

So, there are things that people need to abide by before thinking about Create A Wikipedia Biography page. Writing an autobiography is considered a presentation of conflict of interest. Wikipedia is strongly against it and writing about promotional content. In this regard, Wikipedia has tackled many disputes because of the absence of factual accuracy and vandalism.

They are highly disliked because it is difficult to write articles with neutrality. Writers believe they are being neutral but in actuality, they are not. In autobiographies, there lies unconscious bias , which is not tolerated on the platform. Furthermore, autobiographies also make it difficult to locate neutrality and verifiability.

When Wikipedia Has an Article About a Person

Where it is complex to write a neutral article about you, there are pages generated by others. Contributing pages and giving suggestions on the talk pages, which is considered legit, and allowing other editors to verify it and make changes to approve it. There are chances to revert vandalism and dispute. Since Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia and requires tertiary sources, it should not consider any original sources.

What Goes in Writing a Biography on Wikipedia

Apart from autobiographies, writing biographies of a living person is exist on Wikipedia. Everyone needs to take care of writing Wikipedia biographies as the pages require a lot of attention and must be applied while writing biographies. There are three things that cannot be ignored and requires to be taken seriously.

  • Neutral point of view
  • Verifiability
  • No original research

Pages and articles To Make A Wikipedia Biography should be written carefully and honor the privacy of a person. Wikipedia is not a tabloid or an entertainment site but an encyclopedia. It is not a sensational or promotional platform. It is always important to add high-quality references and avoid unsourced edits, references, quotes, and questions. All the sources are required to be cited properly using high-quality links. If there are quotes and dialogues which are likely to be challenged are supposed to be cited with inline citations from reliable sources.

If there is contentious content about a living person or recently deceased is poorly sourced and has weak links from unverified sources will be removed instantly. While Wikipedia has its rules on other matters, they dictate some rules related to writing styles. Let’s have a look at the writing style for writing a biography.


While writing a Wikipedia biography needs the cautious attention of anyone, it must be written responsibly. As per the guidelines, it should be in non-partisan manner, and attached with reliable links. Sometimes, they have published content about themselves so, it needs to be also linked.

Write all events and actions characterized by reliable sources and do not give undue to recent events. Avoid loaded languages and contentious labels. If you are doing it so make sure the verified sources have described it.


Balance is required in everything and especially when you, Create A Wikipedia Biography page. Criticism and praise have a sensitive line and if it is crossed a Wikipedia biography page can be removed. Whenever criticism and praises are added they need to be added carefully and mentioned in a conservative and disinterested tone.

Moreover, it should not damage the article structure to ensure the overall presentation is written as it should be.

Attack Pages

Any content without links and sources is to disparage the subject and should be deleted as there is no space for negative tone on Wikipedia and specially when it comes to How to Write A Wikipedia Biography. If you are writing such pages using aggressive tones Wikipedia instantly blocks or deletes the page.

How To Write Your Own Wikipedia Bio

How to create a Wikipedia biography page? Well, there are steps to do that. Where there are rules to creating Wikipedia pages, there are steps too. Typically, to create a Wikipedia page you need to follow its guidelines and policies . When one is notable to have their biography page, they can also take help from professional experts.

To create a Wikipedia bio page is an amazing idea as there are benefits hidden under it. Wikipedia is one of the popularly known platforms for online readers. You need to have a lot of knowledge before creating a Wikipedia bio page.

For example, carry out a research process before writing an article. You need to add valuable and significant information so the readers can have ample knowledge. A Wikipedia page must be worthy of attention so, its readability rises.

Wikipedia is a hub of credibility they ask for every piece of information to be credible, verifiable, neutral , and with no original research. A lot of times the question arises How To Write A Wikipedia Biography? So, be attentive to every detail. Furthermore, make sure you have well researched the subject. Be vast and true to your research do not add irrelevant and unambiguous information

What To Consider While Writing a Wikipedia Biography

While writing a Wikipedia bio article, there are some sensitive points, that need to look after carefully.

  • Avoid to writer articles from a personal point of view. You may know someone on a personal level, but do not reflect that in an article.
  • Spot and avoid redundant articles as you may find a complete research article. Start by searching through keywords or use search engines. The Wikipedia articles can be missed by the platform butt external search engines are good to identify them.
  • An article must be valuable and fall under the category of notability. Wikipedia’s foremost rule is notability. It defines whether the anyone is eligible to be on Wikipedia or not. Moreover, they have guidelines to help users.

The 5 Qualifying Steps To Create A Wikipedia Biography Page

As there are clarities on what does Wikipedia says about writing a biography. Take a look at this quick guide to know How To Make A Wikipedia Biography.

Step – 1

Start By Creating A Wikipedia Account

Creating a Wikipedia account is the one step that can complete a Wikipedia biography page journey. Wikipedia has an official site where one can easily sign up and start with their account. Once you have created a Wikipedia page, you can move onto going into building content. Start by entering the username and choosing a password. Creating a Wikipedia account has very simple steps.

Method: 1

In the search field, enter a title you would like to have for the page title. There are three conditions in this scenario. If the entered does not existed, is restricted or blocked here are three results you can face

  • It tells the page does not exist.
  • Advises on creating a page.
  • Gives a red-link and asks to follow the red-link method.

The red links are presented in such a manner.

Method: 2

The second method includes previewing red-link. There are more steps into previewing red-link method.

  • Start by clicking on the accessible page.
  • Put the subject topics in the brackets.
  • Now, you can go on to the show preview button.
  • The platform will reveal the red-link method.

Method: 3

People always look for an easy access process. You can save the links at the user-pages or user talk pages and one the red link is saved, you have the access to create a page.

  • Go to the user page and the, the blue links lies at the top of the Wikipedia page.
  • Add your title surrounded by brackets.
  • Now, click on the ‘publish’ button.

Step – 2

Become Familiar on The Platform

You have to be familiar wherever you go to build trust. Similarly, on Wikipedia, you have to establish a well-known identity. Wikipedia allows its verified users to make edits on the page and establish the capability to write Wikipedia biography. To become notability on the platform you have to at least 7 edits. After this Wikipedia honors with the autoconfirmed user’s title.

Step – 3

Follow The Prerequisites of Wikipedia Guidelines

The prerequisites To Write A Wikipedia Biography include some integral points that need to ponder upon. First of all, Wikipedia has set its way to format the article. There is a little difference in the formatting of the biography article. Write the subjects’ outline by following a simple method.

  • Born
  • Education
  • Occupation
  • Years Active
  • Work
  • Spouse (s)
  • Children
  • Parent(s)
  • Awards

It is the most well put way to write a Wikipedia article. If you want to know how to create a Wikipedia biography template, you can also take a look at the picture.

Step – 4

Make Compilation of Sources

Citation is another important factor while creating Wikipedia page for biography. Wikipedia is all about credibility so there is chief importance in citing articles with reliable sources. The citation will prove the reliability and the authenticity of the third parties. Wikipedia typically asks to cite sources with online citations.

Step – 5

Keep Working Hard

After you have collected cited, sources and content start with the drafts. Drafts can be helpful in Howe To Write A Wikipedia Biography article. Finally, after writing the final draft submit it to the Wiki authorities. They go through the page and reply after some time with the required changes.

In the end, it is imperative to follow everything minor and major guidelines ad policies related to Wikipedia writing. The platform is fully apt with their rules setting them for each category

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a Wikipedia biography outline is simple. Wikipedia has a separate outline that guides on how to write a Wikipedia bio’s outline. You can simply follow the instruction given and make an outline.

If you want to Write a Wikipedia biography, make sure you have well-researched about the subject and have collected verified and eligible resources. Wikipedia is a credible platform hence, there is no place for bias or negativity.

A Wikipedia page is approved by the Wiki authorities. They check the page thoroughly. You can hire professional Wikipedia writers and editors to help write content and get it approved easily.

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