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How To Create a Wikipedia Page for a Musician

These days everyone is utilizing Wikipedia and Wikipedia pages are also serving their purpose of creation too. Adding useful insights, and editing articles when required is not a new thing on the Wikipedia platform. Though, the most important thing is to perform edits only when needed.

“Wikipedia is the first place I go when I’m looking for knowledge or when I want to create some.”

― Stephen Colbert

This platform is for everyone. Anyone can collect useful insights and can also add some if he thinks there is any need for them. Individuals have created Wikipedia pages for several brands musicians and artists. In case you are willing to make a Wikipedia page for your band then this post is right for you.

5 Prerequisites to Make a Wikipedia Page for Your Band

Let’s have a look at what it takes to create a Wikipedia page and how to create a Wikipedia page for a musician.

There are a lot of musicians who have a huge fan following and they want to grow even more. For their unbeatable growth, Wikipedia page creation can be really beneficial. It is important to get aware of the prerequisites of making a Wikipedia page for a musician or for a band. Without further ado, let’s get started.

  • Be Significant

In case anyone is wondering how to create a Wikipedia page for musicians then no need to wonder anymore it’s time to take certain actions in order to make things possible. For page creation, the most vital thing for the musician is that he has to be already noteworthy. To prove his significance to Wikipedia, it is imperative that he should have some physical evidence that supports his “claim to fame”. In contrast, if the musician does not have any proof of fame then his page will be deleted as per the speedy deletion policy of Wikipedia. As Wikipedia does not promote such pages that are lacking in providing supporting evidence.

  • Keep it firmly neutral

Another important thing when making a Wikipedia page for musicians is that it is imperative to follow the neutral point of view rules of Wikipedia. There should not be any element present in the musician’s wikipedia page that violates any policy by providing any biased insights and one-sided knowledge.

  • Use only verified sources & references

Another important thing that should be kept in view is the usage of valid and authentic references. Wikipedia officials emphasize the inclusion of valid and authentic references. It simply means that the sources you use for the citations, or to link your page must be authentic, valid, and verifiable. To get a better understanding of it, Wikipedia has generated a set of specific rules that must be followed with respect to adding citations.

For the musician’s page one can include the following things for reference:

Article reviews By the general public, mostly in music blogs
Press Reporting By an eminent magazine or newspaper
Online Discussions about the brand or music

  • Never pen down it on your own

It is true that anyone can create a Wikipedia page. But this practice is not much appreciated by the professionals in case you are trying to do it on your own. As you know it is hard to stay unbiased when you are writing something about yourself. No matter, if you are a musician, creating your own Wikipedia page, cannot be a good approach for you and all your hard work can get wasted within no time in case you add any biased element to your page.

  • Never skimp on the detail

When you choose to make a Wikipedia page for your band or music, then it is imperative to include all the supporting details too along with the necessary details. Your page should be well-versed and comprehensively written. Do not get in a rush. The person who is creating a page for you, ask him to take his time and give attention to adding details to the page that he is going to create for a musician, or for a band. In this case, skimping on any detail cannot be pardoned.

5 Things that must be included in the Wikipedia page for Musician

  • Awards nominations/wins
  • Previous discographies
  • Current band members
  • The past and future performance or live performance dates
  • Lineup changes

Notable Musicians who have Wikipedia pages

There are a lot of musicians who are famous and have created Wikipedia pages. So, it is not possible to discuss and list down the names of all of them here. However, it is possible to mention a few most notable names here.

You are 6 Steps Far from Creating a Wikipedia Page for a Musician

There are 6 steps that should be followed if anyone wants to make a Wikipedia page for a band, music, or anything. These steps will remain the same for every page creation regarding Wikipedia. You can say these are the most crucial yet essential ones to be followed.

Let’s dive into deep:

  • Step no 1: Create an account.

The first and foremost thing to do is to create a Wikipedia account. That’s the simplest task to do in the whole journey. A user needs to go to Wikipedia’s official page and then click on the create account link which will show up at the top right corner of the page. When he clicks on that link, it will take him to the next page. Where he will be required to input his basic details. Then the account will be created.

  • Step no 2: Get promoted to an autoconfirmed user.

In case anyone wants to make a Wikipedia page then, it is mandatory to become an autoconfirmed user prior to creating a page.

After creating an account, the next step is to get promoted as an autoconfirmed user. This step is said a bit crucial by some professionals. Because in order to become an autoconfirmed user of Wikipedia, one has to make at least 10 edits and his account must be 4 days older at least, these are the conditions to become an autoconfirm user of Wikipedia.

Whenever a newbie becomes a Wikipedia contributor, to the Wikipedia platform a blue box will show up that will spell “Help improve Wikipedia”, that link will take the user to edit the existing articles in order to become an autoconfirmed user. As you can see in the above picture. However, the main purpose of the blue box is to make edits to Wikipedia articles.

  • Step no 3: Create the page.

In case you are done with the above-mentioned steps, then in order to proceed further, it is time to create a page.

So, in order to make a Wikipedia page for a band, as long as you become autoconfirmed then you can go to the “write an article” page. In case you are still confused about creating a Wikipedia article then it is highly suggested by the Wikipedia authorities to practice article writing at the Wikipedia Sandbox first.

  • Step no 4: Provide citations.

Providing citations is the most important step to take in order to make the page credible and authentic. However, one cannot just add anything as a citation. There are a few requirements and a few policies concerning citations that can be viewed by going to Wikipedia’s official page.

However, those who are wondering how to create a Wikipedia page for a musician and to provide citations according to it can have a look at the below screenshot taken from the Wikipedia guide regarding citations.

The above information can be helpful when you are going to create a Wikipedia page for a musician and wants to add sound recordings or music composed by that musician.

  • Step no 5: Submit the page for review.

As of now, case you are done with the page creation successfully then it is time you should submit your Wikipedia page for review to the Wikipedia authorities.

In case you have followed all the proposed guidelines and your page is fitting up to the Wikipedia requirements then your page will get approval. However, you need to be very patient during the whole process, as it can be a bit time-consuming.

In a very exceptional case, if your page does not get approval that simply means that you might have breached any of Wikipedia’s policies during the whole process. It is suggested to be cautious while creating a page.

  • Step no 6: Update it regularly.

After the approval of the page, the biggest mistake that many Wikipedians do is they forget to update and upgrade the facts and stats, and other insights that should be updated on time. Remember, it is imperative to update your page on time.

In case you forget to update your article over time then after some time, it will fail to grab the reader’s attention because they love those articles that provide them latest insights.

All the above-mentioned details can resolve the queries of those who are wondering how to create a Wikipedia page for a musician.

Policies and guidelines regarding Wikipedia content creation

There are a few policies that must be followed while creating content for the Wikipedia page. These policies can be helpful for those who want that the page they create must get instant approval and not face any disapproval just because of any loopholes in the content.

  • Be clear

When creating content for Wikipedia, the most important thing is to create such content that has zero ambiguity and has no quasi-legal terms or slang language. The tone of the content must be direct. Do not exaggerate anything, talk to the point.

  • Content must be concise

Again, the most important thing in Wikipedia content creation is conciseness. Wikipedia focuses a lot on creating concise content and does not add unwanted and unnecessary words.

  • Emphasize the spirit

That simply means emphasizing the purpose for which the page is made. Also, the editors should refrain from exaggeration if the sentence and discussion are already complete at some point.

  • Maintain scope and avoid redundancy

The most important thing is to identify the scope of the page creation and then stick to it. Avoid redundancy. However, it will be more beneficial if you identify the scope at the beginning.

  • Avoid overlinking

One of the most important things while Wikipedia content creation is to avoid overlinking. Do not link the content where it is not needed. Adding unnecessary links can question the contents’ credibility and authenticity. Therefore, overlinking is strictly prohibited.

  • Not contradict each other

Another important thing while Wikipedia content creation is the content must not contradict each other. This simply means that if one point in your article supports any narrative then do not have any contrasting points in it. It will create a clash of concepts.

Concluding statement

Creating a Wikipedia page for a musician, band or any other person is not a piece of cake but at the same time, it is not something that is impossible. Your diligent efforts can make everything possible. So, create your Wikipedia page and keep growing online.

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