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How To Create Wikipedia Page for Politician

Politicians are active members of the government or the monarch or looking to be one. Politicians can be anyone who is seeking political power in government. As influential as politicians are, they also require a Wikipedia page to maintain their stability. Wikipedia is a place where everyone goes to have a handful of information.

Wikipedia hosts millions of articles and pages in 329 other languages. In this long list of articles, politicians get a chance to have their page. Wikipedia pages allow users and readers to maintain a strong bond by learning. Being a politician, you need to seek How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Politician and the attributes attached to it.

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Some Astonishing Facts About Wikipedia

Call Wikipedia encyclopedia or an online contribution community. It is a source of knowledge and now has grown into a robust platform. It is a vast place and there are editors and contributors working to maintain the integrity of the page. Wikipedia is more than just an online platform, there is more to it. Some of the interesting facts that adds credibility to the platform are mentioned below.

  • Wikipedia is around 32 million editors, version ins 321 languages.
  • It is ranked at the 8th position on the search engine.
  • More than 20,000 Wikipedia entries were submitted in the first year alone (Finance Online)
  • At the moment Wikipedia has around 6,313,539 articles in different languages.
  • George W. Bush has the mot edits in the article reporting around 46,000 edits.
  • In the USA, Wikipedia is the most visited website with traffic if more than 1.134 billion.

How Does Wikipedia Work?

So, About Wikipedia says,

Wikipedia is written jointly by large group of volunteers. Anyone with an account and in good reputation can make changes in Wikipedia articles, except in came cases where editing is limited to prevent vandalism and conflict of interest.

Being an open-source platform, Wikipedia is run by Wikipedians, editors, and contributors. They voluntarily help in editing Wikipedia pages. The Wikipedians are not like readers they can make changes to the articles. They do that when they find something that needs to be edited or changed.

Wikipedians had a designated job where they work on various aspects. They look after removing vandalism, resolving conflicts of interest, and trying to perfect content. For editing and contribution, it requires permission and registration.

  • How Does Editors Participate On Wikipedia?

A content on Wikipedia can be edited, after a satisfying consensus. Wikipedia is not a paper, but everything cannot be included so it needs to be edited. If there is ambiguity, it is edited to make it accurate. New edits are made based on verifiable sources that can justify the statement.

What is Notability on Wikipedia?

The questions arise, How To Create Wikipedia Page For Politician? First, you need to begin by identifying the fact if the politician is notable Notability is the basic test to see if you are eligible to make a Wikipedia page. Among the sea of policies and guidelines, here is where you need to start.

Notability is like a test by editors to see whether a page is qualifiable for having an article. Th subject of the topic must be ‘worthy of notice’ which means there should be remarkable mentions, accolades, and verifiable sources. Wikipedia accounts a politician to be notable if they are reflecting, and matching the criteria of notability.

  • Here are some tips to remember for creating a Wikipedia page for a politician.
  • The title of the article should define the subject and what the article is about.
  • In case of appropriate and plenty of knowledge, it can have its name as the article title.

Why Does A Politician Require A Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is the most searched website to collect information regarding anything. It is an awakening call on why a politician needs a Wikipedia page. The platform helps in building and maintaining credibility. You can upgrade your stature and become more notable among the crowd.

Moreover, the search engine can improve and bring your page up in the results. These are some of the prominent factors a Wikipedia page is created. It can help in increasing your fan base; you can inspire through credible and positive information. You can achieve your target and make a well-known name,

Now, let’s have a look at how to create a Wikipedia page for a politician.

How To Be Civil While Creating A Wikipedia Page For A Politician

Civility serves the chances of survivability on Wikipedia. It is not a place to fight over content vandalism or any other kind of harassment. To maintain a page, you need to know what are its policies. So, Wikipedia has broken its policies and guidelines into categories. The categorized laws are easier to understand and apply when you Create a Wikipedia page for a politician.

The following insights are a helpful step into learning How to Make Wikipedia Page for Politicians. If you are new in the community and do not know the steps. Or how to behave on the platform. Let’s have a look at its conduct policies. You need to follow them so, you are able to onto the process of creating a Wikipedia page for a politician.

Be And Act Civil

Wikipedia does not support insensitivity and rudeness. It is disliked whether it is intentional or intentional. In case of any interference or harassment, it can report to dispute resolution. The forums are available to cater to people and have a solution through discussions.

Avoid Edit Wars

You are in charge of responsibility for protecting a page, if there are uninvited or unnecessary edits, you can take action against them. Compromises are suggested even by the Wiki authorities. If there are any edits made, you can report it and get it to dispute resolution. You cannot fight or jeopardize other editors and their content.

No Place For Personal Attacks

Personal attacks are also not appreciated on the platform, in no way does Wikipedia allows arguments as it is considered fallacious. Personal attacks can also damage your stature and lower the chances to publish an article about a politician.

Pick Your Name Carefully

Choosing a username is another main factor in creating a Wikipedia page. Choose a neutral name and make sure no one else is using the same name. If you need to change the name you can ask but do delete it.

The Benefits Of Requiring A Wikipedia Account Creation

There is one debate that always rises is, requiring users to register an account so one can edit or write a page. Wikipedians are of the opinion that; it should be a prerequisite for editing a Wikipedia page. Some of the reasons to require account creation on Wikipedia are also mentioned on the official website of Wikipedia.

Vandalism is one of the most common actions found on Wikipedia. It is reported that 97% of vandalism comes from an unsupported IP address. The reason behind this is that it is much easier to make edits with fake or unsupported IP addresses. So, it is believed that anyone can make edits so therefore, the compulsion of creating accounts would decrease the chances of vandalism.

  • Moreover, it can reduce edits based on original and unsourced because of the fact most of them occur from unsupported IP addresses. Sometimes, editing is due to a lack of verifiability and reliable sources. So, account creation is required to make civil edits and follow Wikipedia guidelines and policies.
  • Another reason for the compulsion of Wikipedia account creation is responsibility and accountability. Many Users use different IP addresses from time to time to make changes. Such IP addresses cannot be tracked. Therefore, through registration Wikipedia can keep track of the theft.
  • Registration of account creation would promote online security hackers using hidden Ip addresses due to the potential threat of exposure. So, account creation would help manage and find the personal information and IP address of users.
  • It can interact better, the editors can have close-knitted community editors, and contributors can help and manage the pages making their credibility worthwhile. The registered editors are directly contactable with other editors.
  • These are some of the vital reasons given by Wikipedia itself. The importance of creating an account to manage your page, as well as spotting any vandalism and edit wars on articles

How To Create Wikipedia Page for Politician: Everything you need to know

Here are some significant steps that can help you on, How To Make Wikipedia Page For Politicians? You need to follow a series of steps that are a guaranteed way to have a verified and an optimized Wikipedia page.

Step – 1

Start by creating an account on the official website of Wikipedia. Account creation is the foremost step. Starting from here will be beginning point of your journey.

Step – 2

After logging in, make edits. Editing previously written articles are a great way to verify yourself and makes you an autoconfirmed user. The autoconfirmed user is the privilege given by the Wiki authorities.

Step – 3

One of the best ways to start a journey is to write drafts, you can do that that by searching for different articles related to, How To Create Wikipedia Page For Politician it can help you writing a distinct Wikipedia article.

Step – 4

Writing a Wikipedia article is about its proper composition. Make a Wikipedia article by following policies related to content. Make sure you are adding citations, references from verifiable resources and avoiding plagiarism.

Step – 5

It is now time to submit your article to Wikipedia. They take some time to read and review. Usually, it takes about 3 to 6 months. After reviewing they may approve or ask to make some alterations.

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