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How To Create a Wikipedia Page for an Author

Creating a Wikipedia page for an author can provide a massive enhancement and a great transformation to his career. As Wikipedia is the most prominent platform and is used by people all across the world, this is why it is the most convenient way for authors to let the world know about them by just making a few systematic efforts.

For authors who are passionate about their writing career, Wikipedia can do wonders if they learn how to utilize it properly for their own personal interests. As you know writing is a never dying career. Let’s have a look at what the expert has to say about writing.

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”

― Louis L’Amour

So, in case, any author is looking for a systematic way and is eager to find out How to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Author then he is at the right place for sure. Here he can get all the prerequisites for creating an author page on Wikipedia.

What should be included to make a Wikipedia page for an Author?

In case you are wondering about how to create a Wikipedia page for an author then the below chart can be supportive for you. Here you will get to learn about certain things that are mandatory to be included when creating a Wikipedia page for an author.

  • Specific details related to birth
Date of birth and place of birth
  • Occupation
  • Alma mater
School or college of graduation
  • Genre
Type of content he/she produces
  • Notable work
Written contributions
  • Awards
Achievements till date
  • Family
Spouse, children, and blood relations

To provide you with a better understanding below is the screenshot of author pages that depicts what should be included in the author’s Wikipedia page.

Creating a Wikipedia page for an author can really give a plus to his career but there are certain Wikipedia guidelines that must be followed diligently. If anyone wants to create an author page, get it approved, and want to publish it successfully.

When it’s to writing biographies of living persons, Wikipedia has proposed certain guidelines. In case you are thinking to make a Wikipedia page for an author then first, you need to spend a few minutes to understand the Wikipedia policies and guidelines regarding writing about the living person.

Let’s go through it.

Wikipedia urges editors and writers to pay extra attention while creating pages for living personalities. As these pages necessitate a high level of compassion and must be according to the core content policies of Wikipedia which are:

  • Verifiability

It is imperative for the writers to include authentic and verifiable information on the pages and make sure that there should be no such info present on the page that is just made up and is far from reality as well as cannot be verified. In the case that the writer is sure about anything is true but still, cannot add it to the page if he is unable to find any sources to make the info verifiable. So, in order to ease the whole process, add such information that can be verified easily.

  • Neutral point of view

A neutral point of view also known as NPOV simply means proposing a neutral point of view and do not get biased while writing. Writers should write articles and editors should edit them in such a way that it doesn’t feel that the content is biased. An article should address the points of view of both sides fairly and leave the decision-making to the reader. Do not provide any verdict.

  • No original research

As shown in the heading, Wikipedia does not encourage any original research. It urges writers to take inspiration from the notable and recognizable already published content no matter it is a research paper, magazine, or book, and then produce content for the Wikipedia page. It is pertinent to add sources that are already published by any authentic publication but at the same time, it is important to pay keen attention and not violate any copyrights. Also, copy-pasting and any kind of plagiarism are strictly prohibited.

Policies to follow while making an author’s Wikipedia page

In order to make a Wikipedia page for a book, it is essential to follow a few specific policies that are proposed by the Wikipedia authorities in order to run the page smoothly and firmly.  If anyone diligently follows all these policies then there will be no chance of getting any of the policies breached.

  • No legal threats

Wikipedia strictly does not allow any individual or corporation to threaten any person either legally or illegally. Here, legal threat refers to targeting any Wikipedia contributor. It totally does not denote a report of any kind of legal problems for example dispute resolution procedure, defamation, and infringement of copyrights. Just in case anyone would try to use Wikipedia for this purpose, his page will be blocked within no time.

  • No personal attacks

Wikipedia sternly does not permit anyone to attack someone personally using this platform. It is prohibited to make personal attacks on Wikipedia in order to harm any contributor on talk pages, the comment section of the article, and any other place on Wikipedia. As of now, you are well aware of this policy so make sure whenever you create a Wikipedia page for an author or book try not to attack any other author personally.

  • Banning policy

Wikipedia has already proposed and defined its banning policy. Wikipedia imposes bans or makes the editors or creators restrict from editing and creating further articles if the authorities see any problematic behavior or breaching of any of the policies. Ban can be imposed for a limited time period and can be for a lifetime. It varies from situation to situation.

Apart from the above-mentioned ones, there are numerous policies of Wikipedia that are impossible to mention and discuss here. For further info, you should visit Wikipedia’s official site to learn more about Wikipedia’s guidelines and policies.

How to create a Wikipedia page for a book?

When anyone decides to create a Wikipedia page for a book or for an author, there are certain things that should be kept into consideration in order to get the page accepted and published on the Wikipedia platform.

Wikipedia is extensively used by users all across the globe. As far as the contributions to the English language is concerned, so below are some Wikipedia stats let’s have a look at them.

Things that must be included while creating a Wikipedia page for the book:

In case you are wondering about how to create a Wikipedia page for a book then the below chart can be helpful for you. Here you will get to learn about the key things that should be included in the Wikipedia page.

  • Title of the Book
For instance, Da Vinci Code
  • Cover image of the book
As shown above
  • Description of the book
Genre and what is it all about
  • Author biography briefly
A short intro of the author
  • Why he wrote the book
Reasons that made him wrote the book
  • Link to make a purchase instantly
links to buy books like Kindle, or author’s site
  • Testimonials and reviews
From some pertinent and recognizable people

To provide you with a better understanding below is the screenshot of the Wikipedia pages for the book that depicts what should be included.

Steps to Make a Wikipedia page for a book

After going through all the above-mentioned essential details, here are 6 steps that should be followed if anyone is thinking about how to make a Wikipedia page for a book, an author, or whatsoever. Go through all these steps as these will be helpful for you in any type of Wikipedia page creation no matter for whom you are going to make the page, the steps will be similar

Let’s begin:

  • Step no 1: Create an account.

Account creation is the easiest task in the whole journey of Wikipedia. But at the same time, it can be problematic for those who don’t pay keen attention and take it very easy. In order to begin, a user has to go to the Wikipedia page where he will get a link that reads “create an account”. Once the user clicks on that link then an account creation page will appear. On that page, he will be required to add all the essential details for instance his name, email id or phone and etc. After entering such details, his Wikipedia account will be created.

  • Step no 2: Get promoted to an autoconfirmed user.

In case you are now thinking that as your Wikipedia account is now created, so your journey has become so easy. But you are wrong. The real game begins right after the account creation. After account creation, if any user wants to make a Wikipedia page, then he has to make his account autoconfirmed and there is a specific way to do that.

To become an autoconfirm, it is imperative for the Wikipedia contributor to make at least 10 edits from his account and the same account should be 4 days older. This criterion must have to be followed in order to become notable in the eyes of the Wikipedia authorities.

The above box that reads “help improve Wikipedia” pops up right after the account creation. The purpose of it is to assist users in becoming autoconfirm by providing an opportunity of editing existing articles on Wikipedia.

  • Step no 3: Create the page.

As of now, you have gone through how to become an autoconfirmed so let’s move to the page creation.

Once you become an autoconfirm user of the Wikipedia platform, then it is the right time you should start creating your page. For page, creation user is required to create a well-versed Wikipedia article that does not breach any of the Wikipedia policies. However, Wikipedia urges its newbie article writers to make practice in the Wikipedia “sandbox” first before proceeding further to create the final article.

  • Step no 4: Provide citations.

Here comes the most crucial step. The provision of citations to the Wikipedia article must be conducted very carefully. It is vital that the sources you cited must be verifiable, authentic, and credible. Wikipedia focuses a lot on providing relevant citations. Go through the guidelines for a better understanding.

  • Step no 5: Submit the page for review.

After completing all the above 4 steps you can now submit your page for review. Once you have submitted the page then you need to be very patient and wait for the approval of the page patiently. Meanwhile, you can edit other already existing Wikipedia articles.

  • Step no 6: Update it regularly.

If your page gets approval from the Wikipedia authorities then it clearly does not mean that your job is completed here. You need to keep in touch with your page. So, when you make a Wikipedia page for an author, then be vigilant and provide timely edits to the page. It is really very important to update your Wikipedia page regularly in order to keep your audience engaged with your page.

Ending Statement

All these aforementioned can provide you great assistance if you are willing to make a page for any book or for any author. Just go through it with an eagle’s eye view.

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