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How To Create A Wikipedia Page For Someone?

How do you start a Wikipedia page? And why is it necessary? Well! Wikipedia pages are important for so many reasons. Someone can create a Wikipedia page to enhance the viewership and expand its visibility to a larger audience. There are many other reasons to get a Wikipedia pages, such as credibility, reliability, and authenticity.

The platform recorded close to 5.1 billion unique global visitors in May 2022. This means Wikipedia attracts a good amount of unique visitors that can be useful.

Creating a Wikipedia page requires a lot of effort because of its guidelines and standards. But you can create a page for someone if you get a hold of Wikipedia guidelines and policies.

Can I Make A Wikipedia Page About Someone?

Anyone can make a Wikipedia page about someone. The Wikipedia doesn’t have any rules and regulations for who should make a Wikipedia page about someone. The platform is free to use, and you can easily create a page for anyone you want. There is no fee or charge for page creation. But there are some guidelines regarding how to create a Wikipedia page on someone that you should follow.

How To Start A Wikipedia Page For Someone?

Developing a Wikipedia page is a step-by-step process, and you must move to the next step after getting the right satisfaction from the previous step. If you will follow all the processes accurately and with planning, you can start a Wikipedia page for someone easily. You cannot just write the page and get it approved. Everything has to go according to a manner and steps.

Let’s go through the steps and understand how to create a Wikipedia article about a person.

The Early Preparation For Writing A Wikipedia Page For Someone

Before going to the writing phase, you must do the early preparation so you won’t get stuck in between writing. The early preparation before the writing phase to create a Wikipedia page for someone include;

Check Out The Notability Of Someone

The first thing you have to go through is to understand if someone is eligible to create a Wikipedia page. However, anyone can edit and write a Wikipedia page for someone. But someone has to be a notable personality. There should be some achievements and recognitions someone has to be eligible for Wikipedia page creation.

Someone must have to be featured in other external sources before so that the sources can be used as references. If someone doesn’t have any resources to verify the statements, the editors on Wikipedia will not approve the article.

Check The Page Already Doesn’t Exist

You must have checked out that the page doesn’t exist before. If you write the whole page about someone and later find out that the page about that someone already exists. You will definitely feel frustrated, and all your hard work will be in vain in minutes. So, to avoid all of these, make sure your topic is unique and no one has written an article or page about it on Wikipedia.

Research For References And Citations

References and citations are the most important section of a Wikipedia page. You create the page for someone based on the information and fact that can be provable. So, before writing the page, you must gather all the resources to include in your article.

You can gather information through journals, magazines, books, research reports, online websites, blogs, and other sources. You should keep in mind that Wikipedia supports no original research. So, anything you research through your own survey methods, interviews, or any other type, you can’t add to the page.

Understand the Guidelines

The most important thing in this phase is to understand the guidelines and policies of Wikipedia. You don’t want the article to get rejected, so to avoid this, carefully go through the list of guidelines by Wikipedia and make sure you keep them in mind while writing the page.

The Writing Process Of Wikipedia Page For Someone

After getting assured that someone is notable and eligible for the Wikipedia page and gathering resources for all the information and facts, you can jump to the next step – the writing procedure. You have to go through steps to conquer the writing phase.

Create An Outline

How to make a Wikipedia page for a person? The first thing you have to do is to create an outline of the Wikipedia page. Wikipedia page works in chronological order, and you have to format your outline the same way. First thing first and last thing last. You should not have to blend everything about someone, so make sure you put everything in order. Find out what you want to add to the page and which information has to be where.

This outline will help you go according to the order, and you will also know what you have to write now. This will also prevent you from getting writer’s block.

Write Your First Draft

The step is to start writing. Create the first Wikipedia page draft for someone. As mentioned in the early preparation section, you must understand all the guidelines related to the Wikipedia page. The core content policies are very important to creating an appealing Wikipedia page.

Create the first draft and include all the information and facts according to the outlines. Make sure to keep your tone professional and formal. You are not writing a blog. You should not write in an informal tone. Also, stay aware of the styling and formatting of your page.

Edit Your Draft

The next is to edit the draft you created. No matter how professional and expert a writer is, there is always a chance of mistakes. It should be in spelling or grammatical. Or you have a chance that you miss any of the content guidelines.

Here you can take help from your friends, family members, or colleagues who can read the page for you and identify the mistakes. And you can also take help from professional editors to get better results.

Don’t forget to check your article according to the policies of the platform. You must follow the rules and be on point according to the standards declared by Wikipedia.

After getting the final draft of your Wikipedia page, you can move to the next phase.

Submit Your Page To Wikipedia For Review

Now the final phase on your list – is actually to submit your draft to the platform. To submit the draft to Wikipedia, you have to follow the steps below.

Create An Account

You can edit articles or pages on Wikipedia without the account. But to create a page for someone, you must have the account to start. Apart from creating a Wikipedia page, the account has many other benefits, such as member-only tools. If you already have an account on Wikipedia, then all you have to do is log in. To create an account on the platform, you have to;

  •  You have to visit the create an account page. And fill in all the information, including the username, password, email address, and more.  You will be automatically logged in after creating an account.
  • Search for the topic you want to create a page for. On the search result page, you will see an option “ask for it to be created,” click on it, and it will lead to the Wikipedia article wizard.
  • On the wizard page, click next and begin to create your page. You can also choose to practice in the community sandbox. (It is recommended for new users who are not familiar with the platform).
  • After this, you have to review and agree to the notability requirements and other publication guidelines. After this, click next.
  • You must select the appropriate option to inform Wikipedia if you are a paid editor, you are creating the page about someone you are close to, or that someone has no connection with you.
  • Now, you have to enter the name for your draft and click add a new article.
  • The pop-up will appear and give you options – start editing and switch to the visual editor. You have to click on the start editing option.
  • After editing, click the publish button and save your article to draft.

And that is how you can create Wikipedia page for a person.

When Will Wikipedia Page for Someone Get Accepted?

After submitting the Wikipedia page for someone to the platform, you have to wait for the editors to review your page and make a decision. When will the page you created for someone go live to the public? This is a bit hard question than how to create a Wikipedia page for someone.

It takes approximately three to six months to get the Wikipedia page approved. If you are lucky enough, then you can get your page live in one month or if you don’t get that lucky, then you have to take a maximum of six to seven months before taking any action. So, make sure to give your best when writing a Wikipedia page for someone if you are going to wait this long for the result.

Keep Up With Your Wikipedia Page For Long Term

Now you got an idea about How to create a Wikipedia article about a person. Now when your page gets published, it is not the end. The work will continue. Wikipedia page is a long-term investment. You can get benefits from the page even after years. But to do this, you have to the aftercare Wikipedia page for someone. To keep going with Wikipedia, make sure you do the things mentioned below.

Update The Page

After the Wikipedia page goes live, you must keep an eye on it to avoid any hazards. Someone is going to achieve more and do more work that can also be notable. So, you don’t have to stop your Wikipedia page where you published it. Constantly add new information and factual achievements and recognitions someone gets. You must keep the article updated for your audience, so they don’t think that the information is outdated on the page.

Edit The Page

Wikipedia has almost 32 million volunteer editors who edit articles and pages. No one can own the page on the platform, which is why you can’t restrict anyone from editing the page. It means you have millions of chances that someone might change and edit the information on the page. What you do is a regular check on the page. You can also turn on the notification in the settings so you can get notified anytime someone makes changes to your content.

If you find the changes harmless, you can let them be. But if the changes are harming you in through anyway, you can edit back the article and correct the information.

Maintain The Page

The maintenance of your page is important. You must have daily checked your page and maintain it to provide the best for your reader. However, a daily check is not possible sometimes. Everyone has a schedule, and you cannot stick to the Wikipedia page forever. But you can hire someone to maintain the page for you. Otherwise, if you don’t want to go with either option, then you can go through your page twice a week. Maintaining the Wikipedia page for someone is important to avoid any misconceptions and outdated information.

Returns To Create A Wikipedia Article About A Person

Wikipedia page can give someone a lot in return. A Wikipedia page is the foremost choice for building a strong online presence because of its excellent benefits. If you want to know why creating a Wikipedia article is good for someone, then go through the advantages it gives to the users.

  • Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia, meaning anybody can read articles and discover information about their favorite topic. The main reason someone should have a Wikipedia page is its reliability. The platform is considered the most authentic source of information because of its strict policies regarding content. When an article about someone gets published on Wikipedia, the platform approves and confirms that the information is based on facts and truth. It helps someone to seem as reliable to the readers.
  • The Wikipedia page is the best way to increase your visibility. The platform holds the 4rth position on the most visited website in the world. This means you have a chance to discover internationally. Most people select Wikipedia as their first choice to research any topic. It gradually helps you to improve your online presence and boost it.
  • You don’t have to spend millions and billions to create a Wikipedia page. You can always use Wikipedia for free. It is a budget-friendly method. And even if you want to hire professionals to get the Wikipedia page, it doesn’t charge you much. After the publication, you can also update and edit your page for unlimited time without any charges.

So, it is a complete guide on how to create a Wikipedia page for someone. You can easily go through the phases and steps mentioned above to make a Wikipedia page for someone. Undoubtedly the platform has many advantages for someone, and it has to be availed for better growth digitally. So, create a Wikipedia article on someone without any difficulty.

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