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How To Create A Wikipedia Page

How To Create a Wikipedia Page that serves its Purpose of Creation in the most Well-organized way

Wikipedia is the sole platform that is available for free to provide and get access to useful insight about almost everything, by desk bounding anyplace all across the globe. It has more than 10 million contributors right today and the figure is swiftly increasing. Wikipedia distributes comprehensive, authentic, and credible knowledge about any topic among its readers.

Apart from providing useful insights to readers all across the globe, it is beneficial for the writers too. It encourages those individuals to write who are eager to compose well-researched content by conducting in-depth research.

Wikipedia writers create articles and biographies by keeping in view the guidelines and policies related to Wikipedia. To publish articles created by Wikipedia article writers, it is vital to create a Wikipedia page first.

Why you should have a Wikipedia page?

A lot of individuals are eager to make a Wikipedia page these days. Because they are now well cognizant of the fact that apart from providing authentic information Wikipedia can also be used to gain online notability if and only if someone knows how to make excellent use of it.

However, there are various reasons that depict creating a custom Wikipedia page can provide a bundle of benefits. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

  • A Wikipedia page helps in adding credibility and authenticity.
  • It provides great assistance in upsurging online traffic.
  • Wikipedia pages help a lot in increasing visibility.
  • It helps in improving off-page search engine optimization.
  • If utilized wisely, it is undoubtedly a great source for B2B marketing.

When it’s about referring and linking, Wikipedia stands among the top domains of the world. Let’s have a look at the graph below;

What Do You Need to Create a Wikipedia Page?

By going through the above-mentioned insights about the significance of Wikipedia, you might have gotten the true essence of the need of making a Wikipedia page.

So as of now, you are well aware of the importance of a Wikipedia page creation so let’s dig deep and learn about what are the prerequisites that one would require if he wants to create a Wikipedia page.

  • A Thorough Research

Making a Wikipedia page that sails need a lot of effort that starts with conducting thorough research. It is imperative to conduct thorough research if one wants to make a Wikipedia page.

To become a better contributor to the Wikipedia community, it is necessary to have in-depth knowledge about the Wikipedia page creation guide, speedy deletion rules, rules to follow to get the utmost notability, rules to get instant approval of the page, and Wikipedia conflict of interest’s guidelines and so on.

If anyone decides to create a Wikipedia page then all the above-mentioned things required a comprehensive study to ensure that the page, he creates must get approved by the Wikipedia authorities.

In case of not conducting in-depth research about the dos and don’ts of Wikipedia page creation and violating any policy due to lack of understanding, then the page creator would have to face the consequences as a result of which the page can be deleted without informing the creator.

So, in order to avoid this catastrophe, it is vital to conduct in-depth research about all of the important things regarding Wikipedia.

  • A registered Wikipedia account

Another important thing that must be required while creating a Wikipedia page, is to have a registered Wikipedia account. A user cannot make a Wikipedia page until or unless he has a registered Wikipedia account. Creating a Wikipedia account is quite easy process that does not take much time of the user.

If you are still worried about how to create a Wikipedia account then just wait for a while you will get to know about this soon below. For creating and editing Wikipedia pages it is important to have a registered Wikipedia account that fulfills all the requirements of the registered Wikipedia account user.

  • Habitual of making minor edits

It is highly needed that the writer must be aware of the type of content that is available on Wikipedia and must know how to edit the Wikipedia pages. In short, the writer must be an editor too and must be habitual in making edits to the already available content on Wikipedia.

If a Wikipedia writer has made edits to Wikipedia pages even a few, then he must be aware of what kind of content Wikipedia pages have. So, when a writer ought to create content for the Wikipedia page then firstly. He must get the idea by editing already existing content.

  • Collection of verifiable sources

Another important thing that one would require to create an authentic Wikipedia page is the collection of verifiable sources. While gathering resources from diverse platforms for creating content for Wikipedia, it is obligatory to use authentic resources to add credible citations to the content. One should keep in mind that the sources he uses for the purpose of providing the reference, must be verifiable.

  • Content composing

To make a custom Wikipedia page it is imperative to compose such content that must be written by taking inspiration from credible sources. Content for the Wikipedia article must be well-versed, well-written, and readable. Also, the cited sources in it must be verifiable. It is important to cover a topic from all perspectives in detail.

Steps to create a Wikipedia page

Those who are looking for useful insights about how to create a Wikipedia page must follow the below-mentioned steps diligently. In case someone follows all of them then he will definitely accomplish the goal of creating a Wikipedia page that serves its purpose of creation in the most well-organized way.

  • Create an account.

The first and foremost step to take is account creation. For this purpose, users need to go to the homepage of Wikipedia and then look at the top right corner of the page. They will see the “create account” option.

After clicking, the link will redirect them to the next page where they will be required to add their personal information for instance name, email ID, and a strong password. After a few minutes, the account will be generated.

  • Get promoted to an autoconfirmed user.

In case anyone wants to make a Wikipedia page then, it is mandatory to become an autoconfirmed user prior to creating a page.

Whenever someone joins a Wikipedia platform as a contributor, then they will experience that a blue box will appear that reads “Help improve Wikipedia”, as shown in the picture above. A blue box will come with a link that will encourage the user to start editing a Wikipedia article.

It simply means to become a Wikipedia writer; it is mandatory to become a Wikipedia editor first. To become an autoconfirmed user there are a few specific guidelines proposed by Wikipedia that should be followed by aspiring Wikipedia contributors.

  • Create the page.

For those who are well cognizant of all the above-mentioned details, and want to jump directly on “how to create a Wikipedia page?” then they need to pay close attention here.

It has been stated by many professionals that page creation is the most challenging part of this whole process. After becoming an autoconfirmed user, the user needs to go directly to the “write an article” page.

Users can directly start their article creation by going through the relevant guidelines or even they can practice article writing first at the Wikipedia Sandbox, before creating the final one.

  • Provide citations.

The next step is to include citations in the Wikipedia article. Citations are mandatory to be included in order to make the page credible and authentic. A Wikipedia contributor should closely observe Wikipedia guidelines regarding including citations.

  • Submit the page for review.

The fifth and most critical step is to submit the page for the purpose of review. When all the above-mentioned steps are successfully done then a Wikipedia page contributor can submit the page for review.

After page submission, it is required to wait for a while. In case the page does not violate any of the Wikipedia policies then it will get instant approval and will be uploaded as an official Wikipedia page. In the worst case, if the page is not as per the Wikipedia guidelines, then it will not get approval.

  • Update it regularly.

Do not forget the page if it is published, it will require continuous modifications. Once the page is published, the most important thing is to update it timely. Update facts, stats, and the most vital information by adding the latest insights.

Fundamental principles of Wikipedia

Wikipedia has set some fundamental principles in order to operate properly. These fundamental principles are known as the five pillars of Wikipedia. Anyone who is going to be a volunteer contributor to the Wikipedia platform must have an understanding of these five pillars.

In case anyone is wondering how to make a Wikipedia page, then he must have a brief understanding of the five pillars of Wikipedia.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the river of knowledge to see what are the five basic pillars of the Wikipedia platform, of which a Wikipedia contributor must be well cognizant.

  • Wikipedia is an encyclopedia

Wikipedia is an encyclopedic platform that provides useful insights about each and every topic of the world. Anyone can get access to Wikipedia content to boost his intellectual and reasoning abilities and to gain a useful understanding of any particular topic. The most important thing is that Wikipedia can be accessed by sitting anywhere all across the globe, it solely requires a good internet connection.

  • Wikipedia is written from a neutral point of view

The second pillar of Wikipedia indicates that Wikipedia is written from a neutral point of view, That’s the thing that makes it credible and is really a plus point because whenever anyone wants to collect important knowledge through the internet, so he most likely chooses a platform that is unbiased and the content it provides must showcase all the aspects concerning any topic.

In short, for research purposes, the platform that encourages a neutral point of view is considered the most credible one. To make a Wikipedia page, one must be well aware of the neutral point of view of Wikipedia. So, in order to state it briefly, it can be said as Wikipedia promotes such articles that show impartiality in the content.

Wikipedia contributors must provide equal weightage to all points of view and not encourage any element or point that shows biasness. Particularly, Wikipedia does not advocate for anyone, it only provides authentic information and states such facts that are right. Neutrality is a thing that is also included in Wikipedia’s core policies regarding content creation.

  • Wikipedia is free content that anyone can use, edit, and distribute

The third pillar of Wikipedia is about the ownership of Wikipedia and its content. Wikipedia authorities have clearly stated several times that no article is owned by any Wikipedia editor or Wikipedia writer. The content that is available on Wikipedia can be edited and distributed by anyone.

No one can claim its copyrights. Wikipedia is an outsourcing platform to which anyone can contribute and showcase his work to the public and that content can also be edited by any other person too.

However, it is obligatory for Wikipedia writers and editors to follow copyright laws and not try to steal content from any other source. Plagiarized articles do not get approval, and it is possible that such Wikipedia pages might be deleted by the authorities in case they are caught practicing plagiarism on this platform.

  • Wikipedia’s editors should treat each other with respect and civility

Maintaining respect among Wikipedia contributors is the fourth pillar of Wikipedia. A Wikipedia contributor who is going to make a Wikipedia page should not neglect this pillar at any cost. It is mandatory to respect others’ points of view on the Wikipedia platform. Wikipedia highly encourages respect and civility and asks its contributors to refrain from attacking each other at a personal level.

In case, any conflict occurs, then Wikipedia encourages its contributors to always discuss it in a polite, calm, and humble manner on the Wikipedia talk pages. To avoid any policy violation, it is important for Wikipedia contributors that they should go through the Wikipedia dispute resolution procedures.

  • Wikipedia has no firm rules

The last but not least pillar of Wikipedia is that it has “no firm rules”. Although Wikipedia has guidelines and policies it really does not mean that it is carved in stone. Modifications and alterations are acceptable in some cases if they are needed in order to transform with time.

Wikipedia provides a great chance for its contributors to correct their past mistakes if they have made any because each past version is saved so they can easily modify and alter their page whenever needed. Wikipedia encourages its contributors that in the process of article creation they should be bold to make exceptions if needed but they cannot be reckless.

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