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How To Create A Wikipedia Profile

The history of Wikipedia is full of growth and developments of tools, information, and products that can be helpful for the audience. It is known as an online encyclopedia for a reason.

Wikipedia profile creation has become necessary for many because of its demand, credibility, reliability, and authenticity. A Wikipedia page is a great way to boost your online presence. If you want to create a Wikipedia profile, then continue reading.

How Do You Get A Wikipedia Profile?

Do you want to create a Wikipedia profile but don’t know how? The thing is that you can’t create or edit your own Wikipedia profile because of the conflict-of-interest policy. However, you are allowed to list your profile as requested articles on Wikipedia.

You cannot write your own Wikipedia page, but you can prepare the bibliography and images to help the one who will write the page about you.

Below are some tips that you can employ for the best chance of having an outstanding Wikipedia page.

Get Noticeable

If you want to create a Wikipedia profile you have to ensure that the subject is notable. The topic you are selecting to create a profile must be featured in other authentic and independent mediums. Wikipedia admire and approve the content that has the credibility and the authentic to aware the reader with true facts. That is why your topic must have some external sources to gain the facts and prove it.

Your profile will have more chances to get approval If it has a good amount of verifiable source. So ensure that you can gather as much references as you can.

Red Links Are For Your Advantage

If the article or page is already published on Wikipedia about the subject, then it is of no use to create the other one until the previous one gets deleted. But if the subject doesn’t have any page on Wikipedia but is also mentioned in some other articles or pages on the platform. Then you use it for the benefit.

What you have to do is to red-link the name of the subject. The red link on Wikipedia means that it doesn’t have any page on the platform. This is how you can alert others that the subject doesn’t have any page and is missing from Wikipedia.

Add To The Commons

How do I get a Wikipedia Profile? Before getting into creating an account, make sure you contribute to the platform. The other way to contribute to Wikipedia is to add to the “commons.” The Wikipedia commons is a collection of freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute. According to Wikimedia, any freely licensed media file, i.e., image, sound, video, etc., that is useful for any Wikipedia project can be uploaded.

Adding media to the commons is useful because when someone creates a new article on Wikipedia, they can search the commons for media that is already been added. It means it is in your power to add your subject’s image. Remember that you are adding the media to the public domain and providing sources for editors and writers who want to work on the profile. You have the opportunity to choose the type of commons license that you feel most comfortable with for the images you provide.

Type Of Content Suitable For Wikipedia

How to make Wikipedia profile? You are halfway to sort out this question, but before this, you must understand what type of content can go on Wikipedia. Wikipedia has a number of rules that directs what type of content should appear on the platform.

Wikipedia pages and articles follow policies and guidelines, such as the topic has to be notable and should be covered in detail with good and authentic references. Wikipedia is not a personal blog or homepage. Don’t plagiarize the content, and if you have very limited knowledge of Wikipedia standards, then you should note that your work might have a chance of getting deleted by the editors because of lacking quality.

You have to be clear that everything added to the platform has to be a unique and summarized description of the topic. You cannot copy information from other sources but cite them. You have to be aware of the five pillars of Wikipedia.

  1. It is a free online encyclopedia.
  2. The pages and articles on the platform have a neutral view.
  3. Anyone can edit, use and distribute the content of Wikipedia. It is free content, and no one owns any of it.
  4. Wikipedians must treat each other with respect and civility.
  5. Wikipedia has no firm rule. It only has guidelines and policies.

Create A Wikipedia Profile – Before Writing Phase

Now you are to learn how to create a Wikipedia profile. Creating a Wikipedia profile requires time and effort. You have to be on point at every stage of the process. You must make sure that the quality of your article is up to a point. So, your article has a super chance of getting approved.

Let’s head to the step on how to get a Wikipedia profile.

Check If The Topic Is Qualified For A Wikipedia Profile

You have to be practical about the idea of page creation on Wikipedia. Keep in mind that no page is eligible to have to Wikipedia page. As per the Wikipedia notability guidelines, the topic has to be notable Wikipedia only encourages articles and pages about the topic that are notable and have something to tell the world about the achievements and recognition that they got.

Also, you have to keep in mind that you have to state your matter and disclose the conflict of interest. If the topic is noticeable and eligible, you can write a page about it.

Wikipedia Account Creation

Now you have to create a Wikipedia account. You can use and edit articles for free, but to create a profile and use member-only tools, you must have an account on Wikipedia. However, creating an account is the first step practically on how to create a Wikipedia profile. It has several other benefits.

  • You can get access to a lifetime user page that will enable you to share about yourself, and some pictures.
  • You can go through the talk page to connect and connect with the users and editors.
  • You can develop an image as the editor/author on Wikipedia.
  • You can customize your page just the way you want it to appear.

You can create an account on Wikipedia by visiting the create an account page, or through the upper right corner, you will see the create account button. Click it and start the process.

After you create the page, you are on your way to your Wikipedia page.

Contribute And Edit The Existing Pages

Wikipedia is a platform for people from people. To build trustworthiness on Wikipedia, you must contribute to the existing articles and pages that already exist on Wikipedia. There are some reasons to make a contribution. If you don’t know how to get Wikipedia profile? First, you have to understand the reasons for the contributions you make.

First is that it is the most used method to make an original page is that you will know the style, formatting, and tone of the content on the platform.

Secondly, it takes almost three to six months to get a Wikipedia page get reviewed. The waiting period is long enough, but you can cut the time through the contributions. Your account has to be four days old and have ten edits under its belt after that you can submit a page straight without waiting for a review. It is always the best method to edit the pages or contribute some other activity to the Wikipedia.

You can take your first step by editing the existing pages for simplicity, factuality, and authenticity. As you edit the content, the more you engage with it, the more likely it is to improve your reliability as the editor on the platform. It will also enhance the chances that your Wikipedia page will get published more easily.

Verification Of Page Exitance

It doesn’t matter whether you are an expert on a participle niche topic or a newbie to writing; no one has tackled the expansive landscape of Wikipedia. Suppose your topic is notable, and you write about it very carefully, include every needed resource to cite, and meet all the standard guideline by Wikipedia, but still, your article or page get rejected? How will you feel about it? Surely devasted.

Well, this can happen because the topic might have chances to have to Wikipedia page. So, what you have to do before start writing is to make sure that your topic is not covered and doesn’t exist on the platform.

Search the topic on the Wikipedia onsite finder. Maybe you will find the topic or something related to it.

Gather Resources

If you want to learn about how to have a Wikipedia profile? Then you have to know each step in detail. Before going into the writing phase, you have to do full research about your topic. Despite the topic or subject, you have to make sure that you include both links (internal and external) that will confirm you are congealing your integrity and notable aspects in your page draft.

You must give enough courtesy to the sources, articles, publications, journals, and any other items that can use as references. Wikipedia pages must have references and citations from different third-party sources for information, so you will have to ensure that your content has a strong backup to strengthen.

Create The Outline

After you gather all the information about the topic or subject, now you have to move on to the next step. To write your content in flow and avoid any distractions or writer’s block, create an outline.

The outline is the best way to map your content. What you want to write and how it should appear on your content are all get adjusted in your outline. You can create small sections for the information that you want to add to your page and list them accordingly through the table of contents which is an important part of every Wikipedia page.

How To Have A Wikipedia Profile? – Writing Phase

Now, after gathering and researching for the sources and information you want to add about the subject, the next move is to write the page.

Write The Draft For Wikipedia Page

Don’t rush; you should spend a good amount of time to write the Wikipedia profile. You will definitely want to make your content thorough, thoughtful, inspiring, and helpful and provide readers the same thing that they want to read and discover.

You must consider the tone of Wikipedia standards for content. The content doesn’t have to be plagiarized. It has to be unique and full of facts. Wikipedia doesn’t allow any information from the new research. Everything you add in your article must be linked with a provable source.

You have to remember that the main feature and use of Wikipedia is to provide information, and your content must stick to it.

Edit The Draft

You must edit your draft before submission to get the best of your content. There are chances that your page has some grammatical errors or punctuation sentences. Maybe after reading it again, you find some meaningless or incomplete; you can edit it.

You can also get help from a third party to minimize mistakes in your content.

How To Have A Wikipedia Profile? – Publication Phase

After you have a final draft in your hand, you will move to the next phase, which is the publication phase.

Upload Your Page

You have to upload your page to the Wikipedia Article Wizard.

Don’t forget the resources. Before you create the page, Wikipedia shares a disclaimer regarding the topic to cover reliable sources from independent sites. These can include books, journals, magazines, websites, and anything you can use to fact-check. Don’t use social media, press releases, or corporate and professional profiles because of the quality.

Documents that are used as references are the way to drive searchers to believe on the facts or information your share.


Once you are sure that your content is according to the Wikipedia submission guidelines, you can post your article for review. The review procedure will take months, particularly if you submit the article through the AFC (article for creation) process.

It has been mentioned before that to get your article reviews in less time; you must contribute edits to the site. There are many chances that the editors will reject the articles several before publishing it. So, you must be patient while waiting for the page to approve.

How To Build A Wikipedia Profile? – After Publication Phase

Once your article or profile gets published, it is not the end. You have to maintain the quality of the page with everything. You must know that anyone can make an edit on your page, so you must keep an eye out that the third-party edit content must add value to your content.

You should make necessary changes if you find anything that degrades the subject.

You can create a profile on Wikipedia by following these steps. You must have to do extensive research, produce well-versed content and follow all the guidelines of Wikipedia.

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