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How To Get A Wikipedia Page Approved

Wikipedia and creating a Wikipedia page is not a myth. There are millions of Wikipedia pages that represent the stories and subjects. It is an open-source platform where editors and contributors have the right to make changes and allow what they like.

The content approved on Wikipedia goes through several processes including editing and rechecking. Wikipedia is an informative platform that is simply created for users where they can have information related to anything they want. Wikipedia says,

We are not social media, a place to promote a company, a product or a person. To advocate for or against anyone of anything, nor a place to first announce to the world information on topics that have already been the subject of reliable publication. (What Wikipedia is Not)

If you want to Create A Wikipedia Article Approved there are essential policies and guidelines to abide by.

Who Qualifies for A Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is undoubtedly a phenomenal space on the internet. It is the ultimate arena of having up-to-date knowledge regarding everything. But, Wikipedia does not approve everything or anything on its platform.

Wikipedia follows rules and principles that are created to maintain the credibility of the platform. So, here is what comes in between making and getting a Wikipedia page approved. The term Wikipedia introduced is known as Notability. It defines whether the subject deserved a Wikipedia page or not.

Catering to multiple subjects, it is divided into subcategories where each subject has a set of guidelines. Apart from subject-specific guidelines they have general notability guidelines. The notability criteria are usually tested by editors if they warrant a stand-alone or merged article.

These are the two defining points to qualify for notability.

Important Tip To Remember

As there are criteria for notability it does not apply to the content inside of it. Moreover, it also does not apply to the contents od stand-alone article. Unless editors agree to use it as a part of list of selection criteria.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Wikipedia Page Approved

Getting a Wikipedia page approved usually takes 3 to 6 months. It is an estimated time calculated after submitting a Wikipedia article to the authorities. During this time period, you have to wait for an email and its link.

Typically, a Wikipedia page takes time, there are thousands of entries daily. Wikipedia has a dedicated team of editors known as Wikipedians. They are in the contributing team to edit pages unlike simply reading them.

Wikipedia is a place where the only mission is to provide reliable knowledge so users can benefit from it. They accept high-quality information for fast and accurate checking. If you are willing for a guaranteed Wikipedia page approval here are some of the things to follow.

Basic Requirements To Get A Wikipedia Page Approved

First of all, you need to start by looking at and check the eligibility criteria. You must check if you are fitting in the notability criteria. Secondly, check if you have a sheer collection of sources to use as references.

Moreover, move on to making sure the content does not have a promotional tone and is solely written for the purpose of providing knowledge. In the end, you have to Be careful and avoid bias. Bias tone is extremely prohibited to use, and does not qualify for a Wikipedia page approval. Neutrality is most appreciated in Wikipedia page writing.

  • What are the points to avoid in Wikipedia page creation?

There are specific points that need to be avoided; when creating a Wikipedia page. If you are willing to get it approved avoid vandalism and conflict of interest.


Vandalism is described as an action that involves destroying someone’s image publicly. At Wikipedia vandalism is to edit an article on Wikipedia to serve negative intentions. It includes the addition of false information, and removing or modifying words that create a hoax. Wikipedia has bots that quickly identify faster than a human editor. However, it is not a crime but, it is against the terms of the policy.

Conflict Of Interest

Conflict of interest is where one writes for itself in a good faith. Mentioning an external relationship can also trigger COI. Moreover, it is strictly discouraged on Wikipedia and it can affect the article’s content. It is never promoted on the platform as it springs up public embarrassment to the subject. If there is content falling under COI, you can report it to the talk page.

Disruptive Editing

Disruptive editing does not come under vandalism or is always disruptive. It is a type of editing that can extend the approval of the Wikipedia page and improve the article. The action is always not intentional but can be a cause of a lack of editing skills.

How Long Does It Take for Wikipedia To Approve An Article

Wikipedia edit is approved by who is considered trustful by two administrators. If they believe the page is edited well and serves value to readers, it will be approved. The editing history, changes, and markups will be considered as editing.

In another picture, unapproved articles would remain, and be unapproved until they are edited or reverted. So, an article naturally gets rejected. Moreover, they have chances to get approved but with time. The estimated time given by Wiki authorities is between 3 to 6 months.

Tips That Can Make an Article Approve Easily

Here are some tips that can help you get a Wikipedia page approved.

  1. Start by registering an account on the official website of Wikipedia. Choose a username and password, it will give some power. Once you have edited some articles you can create a new Wikipedia page.
  2. You have to be flourished in writing Wikipedia articles. To cater to users, Wikipedia offers the feature to edit articles. Take a tour of how to edit articles and learn editing basics.
  3. Search through Wikipedia if the articles exist or not. Sometimes, there are articles with the same name and they cannot reside with the other. If you find an article, constructive edits can be made it improve but avoid destroying the article.
  4. After looking and searching about the title, now see if the article is worthy to be on Wikipedia. An article should not lack notability. A non-notable topic is instantly rejected by the authorities.
  5. Be careful and mindful of conflict of interest. If there is you may have a difficult time writing and editing. However, if you continue to write it is necessary to disclose the conflict of interest.

How Long Does It Take for Wikipedia To Approve An Edit

If you want to know how many hours it takes, it takes about 8 hours. The Wikipedia editing process is time-consuming as it requires a lot to keep up. The edited content has to be error-free and filled with valuable, informative, and relevant content. Here are some of the dynamic points that are considered while editing a Wikipedia page.

  • Unbiased content
  • Credible content
  • Optimized content
  • Followed core content policies
  • Inline citations and secondary sources for references.

After submission to the Wikipedia authorities, they take about 3 months or sometimes a little more. After reviewing the article, they send it to make changes or otherwise rejected it.

How Long Does It Take to Publish A Wikipedia Article

Writing a Wikipedia article is not easy as it may seem. There are a number of factors involved in a set time frame. Typically, it does not take more than three to six months to publish a Wikipedia article. Sometimes it can take longer because of the surge of submission of thousands of Wikipedia articles.

Everyone can Make A Wikipedia Page Approved, but it is rather a complex task to achieve. Wikipedia page creation requires following a set of policies and guidelines. If you can achieve all of them, then there are greater chances to get a Wikipedia article published.

Wikipedia authorities readily focus on allowing pages, that are serious or are serving a purpose. They only want to create and approve comments because they are committed to building a serious encyclopedia. So, go in the right direction. Here is the direction you can pick in getting a Wikipedia article published.

Create An Account

Account creation is the first step in creating a Wikipedia page. When you become a registered user, it allows you to make a profile. Making a profile has many benefits. You can also become an autoconfirmed user to enjoy some advantages. It also lets you know about the changes made to your articles.

Read All Policies and Guidelines

You must adhere to every policy and guideline mentioned by Wiki Authorities. They are the best practices that clarify principles, and how to resolve conflicts. You can also take a look at Wikipedia’s five pillars. Although, Wikipedia does not have hard or fast rules they set the background for making a Wikipedia page. They have separately defined their policies and guidelines.

Because there are a large number of guidelines, here is a look at their basics.

  • Content guidelines
  • Deletion Guidelines
  • Style Guidelines
  • Naming conventions
  • Editing Guidelines
  • List Wikipedia policies,
  • Content
  • Conduct
  • Deletion
  • Enforcement
  • Legal
  • Procedural
  • Research And Check Notability of Subject

Notability is the principal law in making a page. Hence, you need to evaluate if you can qualify for a Wikipedia page. It is important to be significant to have a Wikipedia article published. If you have collected notability and are following its instructions, there are higher chances of getting a prominent Wikipedia page.

Check And Recheck Your Sources

Sources are what add credibility to the article. Articles are supposed to be based on published sources, and all must have significant views if reliable sources are not found an article cannot be made. So, make sure you have collected ample sources to be linked with the article.

Start With the Draft

Drafts are what make an article perfect and Get A Wikipedia Page Made. Therefore, practice writing articles based on the styles defined by Wikipedia authorities. To learn how to nail a Wikipedia article, you can take a look at the manual of style.

  • How to optimize article on a Wikipedia page?

If you follow the above-mentioned guidelines to get your Wikipedia published. There are higher chances to get a Wikipedia page. But you need to create an optimized Wikipedia so, it is ranked well on the search engine and increases its readability. You can optimize your Wikipedia article by adding strong and relevant keywords. Keyword-rich content is more searchable and has a high rate of engagement.

How To Get Your Wikipedia Article Approved

Getting your Wikipedia can be daunting. Wikipedia has a team of contributors and editors well-versed in editing skills, they look at and review pages vigilantly to avoid any content gaps or differences with Wikipedia laws.

Once you have decided to make a Wikipedia you need to work ambitiously and invest the time to qualify for Wikipedia page approval. Don’t forget to write following a professional style of writing. Below are some vital determining factors that are made to edit a Wikipedia article.

Wikipedia is an open-source platform which means anyone can edit nearly every page and make improvements. Wikipedia editors are usually not subscribed members, they just have to be good at what they do. The platform uses two types of interfaces classic editor and wikitext editing.

You can learn some Wikipedia basics to help get your Wikipedia page approved.

Use A Set Of Style

The style guide is more about how composition and designing take place in getting an article approved. An editor must use a straightforward, and easy language. The article needs to be structured with a consistent tone while adding user-friendly layouts. An edit war occurs when articles are not styled accordingly.

A Well-Mannered Tone

You have to be careful while picking the tone of the article. It has t be non-partisan while avoiding contentious labels. Every incident and action should be mentioned in a conservative tone. If you are adding it, reference them with secondary sources and inline citations.

Use Of Image Policy

Images elevate a Wikipedia page, so add images according to the image use policy. Make sure you are aware of copyrights and what image falls in what category. Public images have to license under a free license.

Take A Look at Article Titles

An article is at the top of the page above the content bad has a page URL. The title can be written simply as the name of the subject, or if does not have a name, its decryption can be mentioned. Generally, the article’s subject needs to be mentioned for the sake of reliable sources.

Take the help of Article Wizard

Article wizard is available to help create articles through the article creation process. The wizard reviews articles and asses if it is worthy to be published. You can also learn the basics of editing a Wikipedia article from the introductory tutorial.

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