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The All-Inclusive Guide to Make Your Own Wikipedia Page for Fun

Wikipedia is the most popular platform when it comes to gathering useful and authentic insights. However, these days it is widely serving other purposes too. Individuals are creating a Wikipedia page to become notable online without doing much effort as online notability depends on SEO and Wikipedia has an already improved SEO that supports articles to get an instant notability by ranking on the top of the search engine results.

Nevertheless, if you are thinking to make your own Wikipedia page for fun and become a part of the Wikipedia community then you need to walk some extra miles. As creating a Wikipedia page required a lot of consciousness, you cannot just create a page for anything. There are a few Wikipedia guidelines and policies that must be followed.

In case you are of the view that “I want to create a Wikipedia page” or I should create a Wikipedia page then this blog is right for you. Here you can dive into the deep sea and explore what are the requirements to create your own Wikipedia page, steps to create a Wikipedia page, brief guidelines for article creation, and tools that provide the functionality to Wikipedians.

Without further ado, let’s explore this explicit guide and make your own Wikipedia page for fun.

How To Make Your Own Wikipedia Page

In case you are wondering to make a Wikipedia page then it is essential to go through all the below-mentioned details. In case you follow this guide, then you can create your own Wikipedia page within no time and get instant approval for sure. So, get ready and dive into the river of knowledge below to get the details of all the fundamentals that you will be needed in Wikipedia page creation.

  • 5 Fundamentals that are required to create a Wikipedia page

Just in case you have decided to make your own Wikipedia page for fun then there are five fundamentals that are required to be followed in order to run this process thoroughly.

  • A Systematic Investigation

It is imperative to conduct a systematic investigation if anyone chooses to create a Wikipedia page. As you know a lot of contributors are providing their contributions to Wikipedia pages. So, in order to make your page ranked, the most important thing is to do something out of the box that is not commonly performed by others but during the process must follow Wikipedia policies and guidelines.

So, in order to walk the extra mile, some extra efforts are required and when it’s about a Wikipedia page, thorough research is a must-have to get your page approved instantly.

The above stats are showcasing the popularity of Wikipedia among the top domains all across the globe. From these stats, you can get an idea about the credibility of Wikipedia, and it is all because the Wikipedia community conducts systematic research when they ought to create pages to provide useful insights.

  • A registered account of Wikipedia

Once you are done with the research, then it is high time to get a registered Wikipedia account. It is vital to have a registered Wikipedia account for those who are willing to create their own Wikipedia page. However, account creation is the easiest part of the whole page creation process.

But in case you are still worried about account making, then just wait a while you will be going to learn it soon here.

  • Expertise to edit Wikipedia pages

Prior to becoming an autoconfirmed Wikipedia user, it is vital to perform a few edits on Wikipedia. That simply means that an aspiring Wikipedia writer would have to edit already existing articles first and become notable in the eyes of Wikipedia authorities. After performing at least 10 edits Wikipedian can proceed further in case he has an account that is 4 days old.

  • Assembling and gathering verifiable resources

To create a Wikipedia page, it is essential to assemble and gather verifiable resources to create content for Wikipedia that must sails. While creating a Wikipedia page you must need to keep in your mind that the research material you gather and assemble must be from authentic and credible sources. The most important point is that the links that you are going to ass for the reference should be verifiable.

  • You are 6 Steps away to make your Own Wikipedia page

Let’s have a look at the most mandatory steps that must be followed if you need to make your own Wikipedia page for fun.

  • Create an account.

To create an account, user need to go to the homepage of Wikipedia and then look at the top right corner of the page. A “create account” option will appear. That link will redirect them to another page where they would have to add all the required details.

  • Get promoted to an autoconfirmed user.

In case anyone wants to make a Wikipedia page then, it is mandatory to become an autoconfirmed user prior to creating a page.

When any aspiring Wikipedian joins the platform and becomes a contributor, then after coming on the Wikipedia platform they will see a blue box that will say “Help improve Wikipedia”, as shown above. The blue box is for the purpose of editing existing articles.

  • Create the page.

The users who already know above mentioned steps can directly come to this step of “how to make a Wikipedia page for fun?” then they are required to give all their attention at this step.

Professionals see Wiki page creation as the trickiest task that must be done carefully. Subsequently, once the Wikipedian is autoconfirmed then he can jump to the “write an article” page.

Users who are not sure about article creation and are still wondering how they should create one, can use the Wikipedia sandbox and practice there prior to creating the final Wikipedia article.

  • Provide citations.

The fourth and most critical step is to add citations that are gathered from the relevant, verifiable and authentic sources. Citations are necessary to make the Wikipedia page credible. One should keep an eagle eye on the citation policies and guidelines, when he is adding citations into the article.

  • Submit the page for review.

Let’s come to the fifth step of Wikipedia page creation. In this step, it is required to submit the page for the final review from the Wikipedia authorities. But the submission is only possible if one is done with all the above-mentioned steps.

Once you have submitted the page for review, then there is no need to get into a rush. It will take a few days or even a few months in some cases to approve the page. However, if your page does not fit into Wikipedia policies then it will not get approval so be very conscious while creating one.

  • Update it regularly.

If you think that after getting your page published you will be free, then you are absolutely wrong and living in imagination. Wikipedia pages need to be updated on time. It is vital to add facts, stats latest info whenever needed that’s the way page creator can get loyal readers. Everyone loves to read an article that provides them with extensive knowledge along with the latest facts figures and stats.

  • Wikipedia tools that provide additional functionality to Wikipedians.

In order to ease the process, Wikipedia provides a certain set of useful Wikipedia tools that provide additional functionality to the Wikipedians. These tools provide Wikipedia page writers and editors great assistance in the process of browsing, editing, searching, gathering resources, publishing, and formatting the article page.

Browsing and editing

  • Editing tools,
  • Browser tools,
  • Citation tools
  • Anti-vandalism tools
  • Alternative browsing,
  • User scripts
  • Watchlist Bot
  • Navigation Shortcuts
  • Finding duplicated references


  • Global WPS search
  • macOS Dashboard Widget
  • whichsub
  • Find Link Tool
  • Wikimedia Global Search,

Google tools

  • Citer for Google Books URL, DOI, ISBN, PMID, PMCID, OCLC
  • Mirrors of Wikimedia
  • Wikipedia vision

Google Slides

meta: User: Tbayer (WMF)/Converting Google Slides to wikitext (tutorial)

Google Docs

meta: User: Tbayer (WMF)/Converting Google Docs to wikitext (tutorial + Python script)

By far you know that there are numerous Wikipedia tools and all of them have specific purposes so in case you are questioning yourself that “can I create a Wikipedia page” then the answer is yes and these tools are available to provide you great assistance on order to run the page creation process swiftly.

  • How to create your first article for fun at the Wikipedia Platform

In circumstance, you are sitting at your cozy sofa, and suddenly thought pop up in your mind that “I Need a Wikipedia Page” for fun then you are actually thinking about something that is worth your effort and can provide you fruitful results for the long term. But after page creation, the foremost task is to create your article on Wikipedia. So, let’s have a look at how you can create your first article on the Wikipedia platform.

Prior to initiating the article writing process for Wikipedia, a Wikipedian must go through the Wikipedia notability requirements. Briefly, these notability requirements will guide you that the topic you pick for the article must be already published at any reliable and independent source. To know more about this, go through the notability guide.

Let’s go through the certain guidelines that depict things you should keep in view while creating an article for Wikipedia.

  • The basics

There are a few fundamental things that you will require for the purpose of Wikipedia article creation.

First of all, you need to get your account registered.

  • Secondly, before starting an article for Wikipedia you need to practice it first by editing those articles that already exist in Wikipedia and were created by someone else.
  • Then you will require to start something easy as compared to others. For instance, making biographies on Wikipedia is a quite difficult task so choose to create a subject that can be instantly made without any hassle.
  • When making an article for Wikipedia, as discussed previously it is vital to create an article on the subject that has already been published by any independent publication.
  • When creating a draft, the Article wizard will assist you in composing a draft. By using it you can add some trendy templates to your draft. It will be a great plus to your content. It can be said as the most convenient way of creating articles.
  • Gathering references

The next fundamental thing when creating a Wikipedia article is gathering references from the most credible and authentic sources. There are specific guidelines for adding references in the Wikipedia article. A Wikipedia article must go through it even before he decides to create a Wikipedia page.

When gathering references, you need to be very conscious and cautious at the same time to conduct a brief analysis of the sources you are going to add. Make sure to add citations from the most authentic sources. A Wikipedian must pay attention to Wikipedia’s citing sources guide.

  • Things to avoid

Apart from adding to Wikipedia articles, there are a lot of things that Wikipedians should avoid when creating an article page for Wikipedia.

  • Articles about:

There are a few restrictions in creating a Wikipedia article. As an article writer, you cannot simply create articles about yourself, your family or friends, your website, a band you’re in, your teacher, a word you made up, or a story you wrote

  • Advertising

Wikipedia does not support any direct advertising and promotional content. The platform is only made to provide useful insights for free to its readers.

  • Attacks on a person or organization

Wikipedia does not encourage and approve such articles that are attacking any person or any organization. One needs to read the conflict-of-interest guidelines to get a better understanding.

  • Personal essays or original research

It is strictly prohibited on Wikipedia to add personal essays and original research about anything. Wikipedia is an outsourcing platform that encourages the creation of an article on any already published content by any independent publisher.

In a Nutshell

As of now after going through all the fundamentals that are required to create an explicit Wikipedia page it would be right to say that Wikipedia page creation is a really time taking process but in case one is well cognizant of all the mentioned prerequisites and follow this guide, in the short crack the code then he will definitely get the desired result and his Wikipedia page must serve the purpose of its creation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can create a Wikipedia page all he needs to go through the guidelines of page creation. Although, many professionals do not recommend this practice of page creation by own because in this process users would have to face a lot of technicalities.

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