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How To Register In Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is the most prominent tool that is being used by many people for facilities to enhance their online presence. It acts as a great source in increasing and growing the credibility or reliability of a subject. The online platform is popular among researchers and data collectors and also goes by the name online encyclopedia.

At the moment, the website has almost thirty-two million active editors, with approximately six hundred original articles being published in English Wikipedia. The platform is famous because of its trustworthiness and integrity.

The platform is not restricted to specific countries or regions; it is available globally. Anyone from around the world can edit, read and create pages on the platform. But you have to be a registered user to upload and publish an article on Wikipedia. You must have an account to put your name on the Wikipedia page list, and if you are thinking about how do I put my name on Wikipedia. Then don’t worry because you will understand it easily by continuing reading.

Why Must You Register Yourself On Wikipedia?

Wikipedia has some hidden features that are only available to its members. To become a member, you have to be a registered user of the platform. By creating an account on Wikipedia, you can avail of;

  • You can choose a username for yourself, but it has to be appropriate. The username you choose will be reserved for only you for every Wikimedia project.
  • You have a chance to create your own user page. You can use this page for collaboration, sharing information about yourself, or only to practice editing and publishing in the sandbox.
  • You will have access to your talk page that you can use to communicate with editors on Wikipedia.
  • You will get a notification automatically when someone pined you or wiki-linked your user ID.
  • You can change the style and behavior of the platform by using custom preferences.
  • There will be a watchlist for you to keep an eye on the changes made to the pages which grab your interest. And you can also see a list of your contributors in a single place.
  • You can always work on other Wikimedia projects using the unified login.
  • There will be a lot of advanced editing tools for the registered members.
  • The IP address is used to trace the location of anyone that can risk it for you. But when you register yourself on Wikipedia, you can do editing without disclosing your IP address to the public.
  • You can participate in Wikipedia polls, such as the picture of the year and the Wikimedia board members.
  • And when your account becomes four days old, and you have made ten edits, Wikipedia allows you to gain permission. You can also edit semi-protected pages on the platform, create your own page, rename other pages’ titles, and upload pictures.
  • And when your account reaches thirty days, and you have made at least five hundred edits, you will get access to extended protected pages.

Understanding why you should have an account on Wikipedia is the first step to knowing how do I put my name on Wikipedia.

How To Enroll In Wikipedia?

Enrolling in Wikipedia is not a hard task. Anyone can be enrolled on the website without difficulty. But if you are talking about Wikipedia, then there are always some rules and regulations or Wikipedia guidelines that you have to follow for every step. How do you get your name on Wikipedia? To get enrolled on Wikipedia, you have to keep the following things in mind.

The HTTP Cookies

Wikipedia will adjust a not permanent session cookie every time you browse the platform. You can deny this session cookie if you don’t want to log in. But logging in to your account is important. And it will expire after you close your session on the browser.

When you log in, there will be more cookies that might be adjusted by Wikipedia. It is to avoid inserting the username or password on your every visit. This thing will last for only thirty days. You can always clear the cookies after finishing the browsing if you do not want to display the username to anyone who will use the device after you.

Logging In To Your Wikipedia Account

You have to log in to your user account to publish a page on Wikipedia. You will be identified on the platform as the username you choose while creating the account. On Wikipedia, most editors and authors use pseudo names or nicknames. You are not districted to use your real name. But Wikipedia doesn’t recommend using the real name because of the risk of having you unidentifiable.

Although you can edit without logging in to your account, those edits will be identified by the IP address you use.

Interaction With Other Editors

Wikipedia advises the authors and editors to go through the Wikipedia behavioral policies, especially the assume good faith. It always comes with the regard to editorial conflicts. Every user is expected to follow those politics and don’t put their personal aims and security above them.

If you are confronting Wikistalking or any other type of harassment on the platform, you can report it confidentially via email to the trusted administrator. Wikipedia suggests you do not report any abusive activity anywhere else than Wikipedia. This can lead to damage to the platform’s reputation, and if your identity gets revealed, you can face more personal attacks.

Your Wikipedia Account’s Password

User passwords are the way to guarantee the integrity of the user’s edits. If you want to know how to register in Wikipedia, then you must know that passwords are important for any platform same goes for Wikipedia. You should not share your Wikipedia account password with anyone; you don’t have to share it even with the Wikipedia staff. Come up with a password that is easy to remember but would take a lifetime for someone to guess. Also, avoid using public devices and WIFI to log in to Wikipedia.

Wikipedia Username And Privacy

You are creating an account on Wikipedia. For this, you have to choose a username that is not already used on the platform. Your username must be unique and available for use. Any edit you make after logging in will come under the belt of that specific username. Wikipedia is not a personal blog, but it will provide you with a user page where you can share little information about yourself and free images; you can also share your hobbies, professions, and anything you want.

How To Make Your Name Appear On Wikipedia?

Now you are very close to knowing how to register in Wikipedia. The platform is a reliable source for its users, and to maintain its reliability and credibility, the platform encourages authors and editors to create an account on its platform.

If you also want to make a contribution to Wikipedia but don’t know how to create an account, then flow the steps below and create your Wikipedia account within minutes.

Visit The Official Wikipedia Website

What you have to do first is to go to the official website of Wikipedia. You can browse any search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other.

Click on the official link to go straight to the main page of the platform.

Providing Information

When you land on the Wikipedia main page, you will see the create account button in the upper right corner of the page.

Now click on that link, and it will lead to the page to create an account for yourself on the platform.

Provide the unique username and an unforgettable but hard-to-guess password, reenter the password for confirmation, enter the email address, and type in the CAPTCHA to verify yourself. After adding every information to the destined places, click create your account.

Verify Your Account

After this step, you will receive an email from Wikipedia to verify that you own the provided email. When you will verify your account, you can use your account.

You will automatically login into your account, and if not, you can click the log in button at the upper right corner of the page. This is how do you get your name on Wikipedia?

After that, enter your credentials and start using your account.

Edit And Create

After creating your account on the platform, you are free to use any tools and the user-only features that are available on the website. You can edit articles and pages and create a new page if you want.

Now you may get the idea about how to make your name appear on Wikipedia. So, create your account to edit and create and build credibility and reliability as a Wikipedia editor.

What Are The Benefits Of Having a Wikipedia Account?

Wikipedia is one of the best sites that anyone can use without even logging in, and many users don’t feel the need to register themselves on the site. But if you are not registered on Wikipedia, it means you are losing opportunities to gain some benefit from the platform.

This online encyclopedia has many benefits that only users can attain. Some of the advantages of having an account on Wikipedia are;

The No Click Hovercards Options

Every article on Wikipedia has a lot of links to other that directs you to the other articles. You can find some fascinating articles in some of those links that will help you understand the topic more deeply. But there are some articles that are enough for you to know the context.

If you are not a registered user, you have to click on every article that might catch your attention, and that can result in time consumption. But the registered members can hover their mouse over the link to get a glimpse of that topic without even clicking on the link.

This preview panel will save your click and time and improves your experience on Wikipedia.

Four Skin Options Of Wikipedia For You

Wikipedia has a certain display theme that might bore some of the users. If you are also bored with the same look of Wikipedia, then you will be glad to know that you can change the Wikipedia skin. There are four skins available for Wikipedia – modern, monobook, cologne blue, and vector. Vector is the default skin. You can personalize your Wikipedia, and the display will be the same across different devices and browsers.

To change these preferences, you can go to the preferences and then appearance and then skin.

The Wishlist And The Bookmark

Anyone can edit Wikipedia, and everyone has the ability to change the content on any Wikipedia page. The editors on the platform do their best to keep the information factual. But if you are interested in a topic, it is best to check the changes by yourself. You can get a notification if any changes or edits happen on the page you are interested in by adding it to your watchlist.

You can also use this feature as your bookmark. Suppose, if you are reading an article and you move deeper into the research by clicking the other article on the page. Now that you don’t have much time to continue reading, what you should do is add that article to your watchlist, and you can continue to read the same article without forgetting where you left off.

There are many other benefits the Wikipedia account offers. You can learn and experience each one of them by creating an account on the platform.

Wikipedia is a broad platform, and it will provide you with a lot of benefits when you become a member of the Wikipedia community. Now you can easily create an account on the platform. The steps above are clear enough to let you know how to enroll in Wikipedia.

The reasons are also discussed above on why you should create a Wikipedia account when you can read and edit on the free version of it. So, now without any delay, initiate and step into the world of Wikipedia. Create the account, make edits, create pages and become the authentic editor on the platform.

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